Freetime Automated Hay & Grain Feeder

The Freetime Feeder sits on the top of your existing feeder box and automates the feeding process by putting the feed product(s) in the box at a specified time. Our feeders will fit on feeder boxes 22 inches across. The dimensions of the feeder are 22 inches across,, 23 1/2- tall, 17 1/2 inches deep without the "L" , extension is 11 inches. After the easy installation, just plug it in and set the timer to feeding time. Now you can leave, confident that your horse will be fed on time, without fail! It can even be mounted in the feeding window of North Coast Barns.

Only $499 each

Additional units can be hard wired by an electrician to one timer, comes without any wiring - $390.

How it Works Step by Step

  1. Open the feeder
  2. Set the timer
  3. Put the feed product(s) on the shelf in the feeder
  4. Close the lid
  5. At the appropriate time the feeder will release the food into your feed box where the horses will then be able to eat the feed product(s).

Electrical Requirements

  • The Freetime Feeder operates on 60 cycles, 110-120 volt.
  • Caution - to provide continued protection against risk of electrical shock, connect to properly grounded outlet only.
    • Route the supply cord to be protected from damage to livestock.
    • When using an extension cord, the connection should be kept dry and off the ground
  • Warning - the electric power cord can be secured and covered with a Cord Protector such as 1 1/4" PVC pipe to protect the cord from livestock.


Comes in a weather resistant metal box and is extremely reliable. Underwriters Laboratory certified timer is warranted by the manufacturer for one year.  Each timer can regulate up to 10 FEEDER units on the same circuit.

Bottom Feeder

If your local feed store does not carry the bottom portion of feeder bin, you can order one at: heemefeed
or call 661-945-8787



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